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Top 9 Reasons to Make Ridgewood Your Hometown



Choosing a place to buy a home is one of the most daunting experiences of your life. Maybe you are thinking that it’s time to leave Hoboken or Manhattan for a more “family-friendly” place to live, but you are afraid of ending up in a “boring” location. Maybe you just landed a fabulous new job in New York City, but urban living is not your style. Perhaps your kids are getting to the age where you need to consider school district ratings. Or, maybe you already live in a different suburb and are looking for something different. Whatever the reason, here are our top 9 reasons to make Ridgewood, New Jersey your home town:


Convenient NYC Commute From Ridgewood NJ

Easy NYC commute

Only 20 miles away from New York City, Ridgewood is a gorgeous suburb with a convenient commute. There is a train station right in the middle of town that is walkable from most neighborhoods. If the train isn’t for you, the bus is another easy and convenient option. Boxcar, a new bus service, also has routes directly from Ridgewood. Boxcar Finally, there is quick access to all major highways.

Ridgewood Public Schools

Ridgewood Public Schools – Ridgewood High School

Award-winning school district

Not only is Ridgewood consistently rated one of the top school districts in New Jersey (in the top 5 in 2023!), but it is also nationally ranked. There are countless opportunities for the students here to succeed, especially in growing S.T.E.M. fields! The Ridgewood Public Library is also a fabulous resource for fostering a love of reading and research. Check out this recent article about  Top NJ Schools

Ridgewood NJ

Ridgewood NJ Downtown

The bustling downtown

Afraid to leave a city lifestyle for a “boring” suburb? Ridgewood’s downtown features several award-winning restaurants (very few chains) representing various cuisines, from pancakes to upscale French food. There are also boutiques, jewelry stores, salons, day spas, and gift shops. Downtown Ridgewood also hosts events like street craft fairs, holiday tree lighting and menorah lighting ceremonies, and a weekly farmer’s market in the warm months. Don’t forget – the coveted Easter in the Park spring celebration is coming up on Saturday April 8th, right downtown!  Click for more information on Easter in the Park
It was also voted one of the best “restaurant towns” in NJ: Ridgewood NJ A Top Restaurant Town

Ridgewood Village

Safety in Ridgewood NJ


Ridgewood was recently voted to be one of the 50 safest cities in New Jersey. For those families with young children who are looking for a town that offers peace of mind, look no further! This is the kind of town where kids can play in their neighborhoods and walk to schools safely. Check out this recent article about why it is the best place to live in Bergen County: Ridgewood Named Best Place to Live

Gorgeous Ridgewood Homes

Gorgeous Ridgewood Homes

Gorgeous mix of historic homes and new constructions

Ridgewood homes are anything but cookie-cutter. Most are historic homes with spacious front porches, intricate character details, and unique exteriors. However, most of these historic homes are updated for modern living or have the potential for fabulous renovations to make your home your own! The Gubb Team also specializes in new construction homes – see more information here: Ridgewood New Construction Homes

Convenient Location

Convenient Location


Ridgewood is one of the most convenient towns in Bergen County. It is rare that residents need to leave town for anything, but when the need arises, they do not need to travel far. There are several malls within a 15-minute driving radius, New York City is convenient for shows and cultural events, and the airport is less than a half hour away. The prestigious Valley Hospital is also conveniently located right in town!

Graydon Town Pool

Graydon Town Pool


Parks, trails, and plenty of green space

While Ridgewood has a fabulous downtown, there is also plenty of green space. On any given day, there are student athletes and families walking the bike path, strolling around the Duck Pond, playing sports on one of the many athletic fields, or bringing their pets to the dog park. Don’t forget Graydon Pool in the summer!

Walk Everywhere in Ridgewood

Walk Everywhere in Ridgewood


Ridgewood is a small town with plenty of sidewalks. On any given morning, commuters are walking to the train station for work, students are walking with friends and parents to school, and residents are walking downtown to run their errands. Somehow, this gives the village a small-town AND urban lifestyle feeling.

Family Friendly Neighborhoods in Ridgewood NJ

Family Friendly Neighborhoods in Ridgewood NJ

Neighborhoods – it truly takes a Village

Ridgewood, known affectionately as the Village of Ridgewood, is one of the few places in the modern US that still has neighborhood block parties. There are tree-lined, picturesque streets with sidewalks and happily playing children. Neighborhood schools rally the community members to get involved, and families make lifelong friends in their neighbors. This factor alone makes Ridgewood the kind of place that immediately feels like home. More about our neighborhoods here: Ridgewood NJ Neighborhood Guide

Make Ridgewood Your Hometown

Make Ridgewood Your Hometown

To get started on finding your dream home in Ridgewood, contact The Gubb Team today!

The Gubb Team

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