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Lead Buyer’s Agent David Gubb

David Gubb and The Gubb Team agents take a lifestyle approach to servicing their Ridgewood NJ and Bergen County buyers as we expertly navigate a competitive NYC Suburban market to land your NJ Home.

We want to truly understand how you live and how you spend your time so we can match you with a home and neighborhood that compliments your lifestyle. We keep things fun. We keep things fresh. And we match this high energy with our intense market knowledge, savvy negotiating techniques, and bespoke service culture to provide an experience unlike any other. Limitless, no dream or goal is too big!! Innovation, always forward thinking. Unmatched, elite network of professionals.

David Gubb

The Process Buying Your Home


In obtaining a Pre-Approval from your lender, you are clearly identifying your appropriate price range and paving the way for placing the Offer on your new home

  • The lender used for the Pre-Approval does not need to remain the same for your purchase. Many rate shop before the final selection is made.
  • Lenders will ask for a variety of documents verifying income and assets in the pre-approval process.
  • Offers are not considered by Sellers unless a Pre-Approval is submitted so best to be prepared with your financial qualifications before you find the home.

Selecting a Realtor

Buying a home is an exciting experience as you visualize being settled in your new home but your journey through the process will vary greatly based on your Realtor selection. Working with a top agent who is experienced and trustworthy can go a long way in ensuring a smooth transaction and your interests are protected. With so many to pick from, where do you begin?

Consider the below in your selection process:

  • Track Record - Great real estate agents never show up out of nowhere. Stellar reputations are built on thrilled clients, numerous closings, unending inspections, and collaboration with many experts. Read those Reviews!
  • Communication is Paramount - First and foremost, you need to feel completely comfortable communicating with your real estate agent. They will become your Confidant, your Advisor, your Advocate, your Voice and yes, even your Warrior. They must understand your goals.
  • Choose the Person - Your agent should be a valuable and trusted partner in your Home Buying journey offering the benefits of years of experience. Integrity, strong advocacy, loyalty, industry savvy are just some qualities to seek.
  • Scour the Web - A friend who knows an agent doesn't mean you should necessarily work with this person. If you are considering an agent, Google their name or team name. Read their reviews. Check out their website. Interview them.
  • Seek Referrals - While technology delivers an abundance of information, the right Realtor choice is still a human-to-human decision. Referral is a great way to blend the web info obtained with the personal experiences of others.
  • Adequate Support - Is the agent supported by a team? The logistics of buying a home are complicated, requiring many levels of follow through and research. An agent who has a support team is able to offer a high level of customer service, timely reminders and scheduling services.

Success Leaves Clues

Top 1%RE Team In NJMLS
$565M+Sales Volume
990+5 Star Reviews
15Average Days On Market
664Homes Sold

Our Seller reviews communicate appreciation for the team’s genuine devotion in achieving each client’s unique goals and tireless efforts in protecting their interests.

Your Gubb Team Buyer's Agents

David Gubb
David Gubb
Lead Buyer's Agent
Kaitlin Dunn
Kaitlin Dunn
Carol Thomas
Carol Thomas
Lora Wejnert
Lora Wejnert

Research and Your Offer

  • Research Perhaps you have spent hours reviewing homes and towns online but nothing replaces the firsthand knowledge an experienced Realtor can provide. A diligent agent will review sold homes in your price range, describe neighborhood characteristics, and be knowledgeable about schools, commutes, and local activities. A truly great agent will seek your full education in the selection process which delivers confidence in your decision.
  • Negotiating the Purchase: You’ve found your dream house! Now what? Next steps are to submit a signed real estate offer. A skilled agent will advise you on the offering number as well as a variety of other conditions such as the closing date, waiving or minimizing contingencies and features that will win you the home.
  • Negotiating Counters: Once received, the seller could counter your offering price and/or terms. Your agent will play an integral role in bringing the parties together.
  • Multiple Offers: Your agent representation could mean the difference in you obtaining your dream home in a competitive environment. A savvy agent with a local pulse and reputation will advise you on how to respond to a Best and Final call.
  • Meeting of the Minds: Once both seller and buyer are in agreement with the price and terms, the contract is resigned if new terms are added then sent to attorneys to begin the Attorney Review process.

Attorney Review

In Attorney Review, both Buyer’s and Seller’s attorneys review the conditions of the contract and communicate proposed alterations with their clients. Generally, the Buyer’s attorney initiates a rider [amendment to the contract] that is sent to the Seller’s attorney. The back and forth of fine tuning contract details should last no more than 3 days.

Once both parties are in agreement, the home goes Under Contract and the buyer begins to book inspections and apply for their mortgage. In most cases, the Buyer’s deposit is due within 10 days of going Under Contract.

Mortgage Application

You may choose to apply for the mortgage with the same lender you obtained your pre-approval from or you can shop the rates of others. Lenders are not created equally and the rate should not be the only deciding factor in your selection. The Gubb Team has a variety of lenders that deliver top responsive service and competitive rates.

It is important to understand

  • Rates are negotiable but there is a method.
  • Locking in your rate and the terms vary greatly

Ask your Gubb Team agent about these important topics.

Home Inspections

Inspector Selection

  • Eyes wide open. Whether you are able to accept discovered flaws or you will seek a repair/credit, it is important you are aware of all conditions. Home Inspectors vary greatly so do your own research or rely on your agent who is in the field daily for recommendations.
  • Ask how long they take to deliver a report and what is included in the quoted fee.

Common Inspections:

  • General Whole House Inspections determine the condition of the home, identify any problematic features and review recommended home maintenance tasks. This inspection normally includes a radon test and termite/pest inspection.
  • Oil Tank Scans should not be considered optional. Insuring your new home is free from an oil tank is imperative in eliminating your potential responsibility in an environmental clean up and for your future resale.
  • Chimney Inspections may be scheduled initially or might await your General Inspector’s evaluations. Understand a chimney vents both the fireplace and hot water/furnace gasses. The absence of a fireplace does not necessarily mean this inspection should be eliminated.

Other Inspections

  • Depending on the General Inspector’s recommendations you might also perform other inspections such as sewer line, septic tank, mold testing and asbestos testing.
  • You might be advised to obtain estimates to remedy an inspection discovery

Your Inspection Response

  • There will most likely be a measure of unknown conditions discovered. Now what? How do you respond? First, you must determine what you can accept [and afford] then you must rely on your attorney and agent for guidance. Inevitably, this is a balancing act between reasonable requests and your protection.


The Big Day has finally arrived. A final Walk Through is normally scheduled the morning of the closing. During this visit, you will confirm all contents have been removed, the home is broom swept and any agreed fixes were performed. Confirm the garage openers, warranties and extra keys were left behind. Some sellers will leave behind a list of pros such as landscapers, plumbers, sprinklers etc. If there is anything irregular found, take photos then forward to your attorney.

You will proceed to your attorney or closing agent’s office to finalize all documents and you are now the proud owner of your new home.


During the initial visit, Chris will evaluate the condition of your home and ask if you have any concerns on this topic. Through her experience in many transactions, she is skilled in identifying what fixes will yield the highest return on your investment of time and resources. We do urge you not to proceed with fixes till you know her recommendations as you could spend dollars unnecessarily.

The Gubb Team is fully aware your Contract Price can be negatively impacted during the Inspection Phase. Extensive efforts are made to protect and maintain your accepted number with a variety of strategies both before you sign that Offer and throughout the entire transaction.

Features and Improvements

Beyond calculating room counts, Chris will evaluate any additions and improvements made and compare these features to not only past homes sold but also our current competition in assessing your value.

Other factors in consideration are your home’s layout, flooring, materials used, appliances, systems, lot size, landscaping, and curb appeal


Each buyer has different location priorities. Some might want walk-to train or town, some want school bussing, some want a quiet street while others might only be focused on your home’s features and the possibilities. Location will play a role in the size of your buyer pool. In a Seller’s Market, buyers will make location compromises and will commit to higher offers if the location meets their wishlist.

Preparation and Staging

The Gubb Team believes this is a key step in maximizing your sale number. Our talented Staging Team is devoted in preparing your home for market and staging spaces for optimum Buyer appeal. A Home Report will be generated that sets The Plan and we partner together in accomplishing our recommendations with our many tried and true pros. We warehouse 1,400 staging items including rugs, wall art, bedding, pillows, accessories and furniture. Once the preparation is complete and just before we are ready to go on market, our staging team enters to masterfully transform spaces making your home irresistible to buyers. Staging is always complimentary.

Listing Team

Who you select to represent you in the sale of your home directly and significantly impacts your results. With a proven track record of low days on market and a high “List to Sale Price Ratio”, The Gubb Team’s listing model of presentation, marketing, and oversight from contract to close ensure your results will be maximized.

Success leaves Clues Read our Seller Reviews.

Presentation and Marketing

Your Buyer’s opinion of your home will be formulated before their visit and while they view your home’s internet presentation. Consequently, The Gubb Team takes many extra steps in highlighting special features and tagging all photos as we create a superior presentation. We urge you to compare our presentations to others.

A Custom Marketing Plan will be discussed during our first meeting and implemented by our team of Social Media and Marketing Specialists. The release of your marketing material is strategically posted in a proven method to maximize turnout and your results casting a wide net to an extensive audience.

Market Conditions and Timing

Many factors impact Market Conditions including economic health, interest rates, political directions, international events, and, more recently, the pandemic. Real Estate Cycles historically present themselves in waves of peaks and valleys and The Gubb Team monitors both the obvious and subtle shifts as we guide sellers on timing and value.

Seasonal timing will effect our outcome. The beginning and end of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter markets varies from year to year The Gubb Team closely monitors overall activity in a number of categories so your home lands on market at just the right time.

Homes Under Contract

Market History and Comparisons

While each home has its own unique characteristics, comparisons can be made in formulating value. The Gubb Team certainly evaluates past sales but equally important we consider the Under Contracts and Active listings giving a more current pulse. Homes in your neighborhood radius will also play a role in value.

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