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Lead Listing Agent Christine Gubb

Chris Gubb and her Team are recognized for delivering top results for Sellers in Ridgewood, NJ and Greater Bergen County. With vast experience in listing homes, she adeptly sets your personalized Marketing Plan with creative vision and a practical approach specifically targeting those purchasing Homes For Sale in your town.

Your home is likely one of your most valuable financial assets. Entrust The Gubb Team with their proven strategy for optimizing results and know a smooth process will be skillfully orchestrated from start to your closing day.

With numerous industry awards for outstanding achievements, Chris considers her seller reviews the true measure of her success. These treasured words inspire her daily approach.

Christine Gubb

The Process Selling Your Home

Select an Agent

Who you select to represent you in the sale of your home directly and significantly impacts your results. The Gubb Team welcomes your research in comparing our statistics, presentations, and client reviews to others.

Success Leaves Clues

Top 1%RE Team In NJMLS
$565M+Sales Volume
990+5 Star Reviews
15Average Days On Market
664Homes Sold

Our Seller reviews communicate appreciation for the team’s genuine devotion in achieving each client’s unique goals and tireless efforts in protecting their interests.

The Gubb Team Agents

Chris Gubb
Chris Gubb
Lead Listing Agent
David Gubb
David Gubb
Lead Buyer's Agent
Trina Feehan
Trina Feehan
Director of Operations
Emily Bandelt
Emily Bandelt
Internet & Social Media Specialist
Michelle Kaylor
Michelle Kaylor
Staging Inventory & Transport Coordinator
Janah Gelera
Janah Gelera
Client Care Coordinator

Prepare To Sell

A superior visual presentation is a powerful tool in attracting many buyers and achieving a successful outcome. With established methods and talented team members, The Gubb Team delivers outstanding listing presentations.

Our Staging Team is devoted to preparing your home for market and is skilled at staging spaces for optimum Buyer appeal. We house 1,400 staging items to enhance your home and staging services are always complimentary.

Sellers find Chris’ pre-market guidance invaluable when considering which tasks or projects bring value and, equally important, which do not. On hand is a vast array of professionals to help implement any project you choose to do.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing your home involves analyzing a number of factors including market conditions, location, upgrades, timing, comparable sale history, property size, interior SF, lifestyle features and your home’s layout.

Your home also has unique features that cannot be included in a scientific pricing formula such as a charming rock facade or luxury designer kitchen or original restored trim or 2 blocks from the elementary school. The emotional tug these qualities generate in your Buyer must also be considered.

With experience in listing hundreds of homes, Chris will formulate her recommended range and together we will finalize your Listing Price. In the end, she believes it’s “Your Home thus Your Price”.

Accepting An Offer

Chris and her Team expertly guide our sellers in this critical step. Prior to signing an Offer, many factors are discussed, potential buyers are vetted, and negotiations continue as we position our sellers with the best terms and price.

Nothing replaces experience and the lack of it could cost you thousands in this stage. Extensive efforts are made in fine tuning all details before the offer is accepted and your home is removed from the marketplace.

Attorney Review

Once the Buyer and Seller have signed the Offer, the fully executed contract is sent to both Buyer’s and Seller’s attorney where the Attorney Review process begins. Both attorneys will set forth proposed adjustments to the contract in the form of a rider and the final agreement is set bringing the transaction to the Under Contract phase.

The clock for most contingency deadlines begins when we enter the Under Contract phase.

The Gubb Team has a dedicated staff member that sends reminder emails the deadline is approaching and constantly monitors these very important dates.

Contingency Period

Your Buyer could submit an Offer with a number of contingencies including Appraisal, Mortgage, Inspection and Sale Contingencies. Our goal is to minimize these as much as possible through negotiation prior to accepting the Offer. If accepted, either partially or in whole, The Gubb Team tracts the progress insuring these contingencies are satisfied within the date promised.


Exciting. Your journey is almost complete!

A week before the closing The Gubb Team will send you a final checklist to ensure all is in order. This will include instructions to switch the names registered with your utility providers.

On the day of closing, your Buyer will schedule a final Walk-Through of your home. Your home should be empty and broom swept the night before closing.

Many Sellers no longer attend the actual closing and your attorney will most likely ask you to come to his/her office to sign documents approximately a week prior to closing.


During the initial visit, Chris will evaluate the condition of your home and ask if you have any concerns on this topic. Through her experience in many transactions, she is skilled in identifying what fixes will yield the highest return on your investment of time and resources. We do urge you not to proceed with fixes till you know her recommendations as you could spend dollars unnecessarily.

The Gubb Team is fully aware your Contract Price can be negatively impacted during the Inspection Phase. Extensive efforts are made to protect and maintain your accepted number with a variety of strategies both before you sign that Offer and throughout the entire transaction.

Features and Improvements

Beyond calculating room counts, Chris will evaluate any additions and improvements made and compare these features to not only past homes sold but also our current competition in assessing your value.

Other factors in consideration are your home’s layout, flooring, materials used, appliances, systems, lot size, landscaping, and curb appeal


Each buyer has different location priorities. Some might want walk-to train or town, some want school bussing, some want a quiet street while others might only be focused on your home’s features and the possibilities. Location will play a role in the size of your buyer pool. In a Seller’s Market, buyers will make location compromises and will commit to higher offers if the location meets their wishlist.

Preparation and Staging

The Gubb Team believes this is a key step in maximizing your sale number. Our talented Staging Team is devoted in preparing your home for market and staging spaces for optimum Buyer appeal. A Home Report will be generated that sets The Plan and we partner together in accomplishing our recommendations with our many tried and true pros. We warehouse 1,400 staging items including rugs, wall art, bedding, pillows, accessories and furniture. Once the preparation is complete and just before we are ready to go on market, our staging team enters to masterfully transform spaces making your home irresistible to buyers. Staging is always complimentary.

Listing Team

Who you select to represent you in the sale of your home directly and significantly impacts your results. With a proven track record of low days on market and a high “List to Sale Price Ratio”, The Gubb Team’s listing model of presentation, marketing, and oversight from contract to close ensure your results will be maximized.

Success leaves Clues Read our Seller Reviews.

Presentation and Marketing

Your Buyer’s opinion of your home will be formulated before their visit and while they view your home’s internet presentation. Consequently, The Gubb Team takes many extra steps in highlighting special features and tagging all photos as we create a superior presentation. We urge you to compare our presentations to others.

A Custom Marketing Plan will be discussed during our first meeting and implemented by our team of Social Media and Marketing Specialists. The release of your marketing material is strategically posted in a proven method to maximize turnout and your results casting a wide net to an extensive audience.

Market Conditions and Timing

Many factors impact Market Conditions including economic health, interest rates, political directions, international events, and, more recently, the pandemic. Real Estate Cycles historically present themselves in waves of peaks and valleys and The Gubb Team monitors both the obvious and subtle shifts as we guide sellers on timing and value.

Seasonal timing will effect our outcome. The beginning and end of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter markets varies from year to year The Gubb Team closely monitors overall activity in a number of categories so your home lands on market at just the right time.

Homes Under Contract

Market History and Comparisons

While each home has its own unique characteristics, comparisons can be made in formulating value. The Gubb Team certainly evaluates past sales but equally important we consider the Under Contracts and Active listings giving a more current pulse. Homes in your neighborhood radius will also play a role in value.

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