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Paul Kim and Soo Jin Hwang

Clearly, Chris’s success speaks for itself, as I am just one sparkling review of many, but great professional service should be recognized amidst all the noise. Through real estate portals, we knew Chris had several luxury listings parallel to our more modest home, but you honestly wouldn’t know it from the time and attention she spent with us. Chris and her team went above and beyond in preparing and staging our home and the end result was a home that easily looked twice as good as the original state.We were working through a relocation company and the buyer was an investor, both of which had their own challenges, but Chris was really quite deft in navigating us through the process, all while providing a remarkably empathetic ear during the more stressful times. Her sense for what would work, which path and approach to take proved vital in the closing of our home in a timely fashion. We couldn’t recommend Chris more highly.
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