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Miranda C

If you are looking for a buyer’s agent in Ridgewood or the surrounding towns, look no further. David Gubb is an outstanding realtor that will help you find and secure the perfect home. Our home search in Ridgewood began in May 2020 after a job opportunity came up in NY, creating the need for us to move across the country from the west coast. With the world in the middle of a pandemic, I knew that finding the perfect home for our picky family of 5 was probably not going to be an easy task, and we would need an excellent realtor. I did a lot of online research hoping to avoid winding up frustrated and disappointed, and ultimately decided to give David a try given his consistent 5-star reviews. Ultimately, David was able to find and help us secure a home that was perfect for us and in a prime location while avoiding a bidding war through his own proactive research, his connections with other realtors in the area, and his excellent negotiating skills. We have now been in our house in Ridgewood for about a month and David continues to be a great resource and friend to us. We could not be happier with where we wound up and are thankful for all of David’s hard work to make this tricky and difficult home search end perfectly for us!
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