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7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Ridgewood

Whether you are newly dating or married for 30 years, celebrating Valentine’s Day in Ridgewood is a great excuse to make fun plans. We break down some fabulous local options for all budgets and energy levels.

Valentines Day Ridgewood

Valentines Day in Ridgewood NJ

Go out to a Restaurant 

Ridgewood restaurants are diverse, delicious, and unique. You cannot go wrong. Here are some of our favorites – Felina for modern dining, Roots for perfectly seared steaks, Cravings for Tapas, S. Egidio for authentic pizza, and Shumi for amazing sushi.



Order Takeout

Valentines Day is sometimes about snuggling in pjs with those you love. Luckily, some of our favorite takeout options pair perfectly with home ambience.

Enjoy Local Coffee

Local coffee shops like Ridgewood Coffee Company, American Bulldog Coffee Roasters, and Rey Sol have beyond delicious options – try Rey Sol’s moccachino based drink with strawberry syrup – Cupid’s Lover!

Painting or Pottery

Get creative together! Paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece or fire up some pottery to keep forever. Perfect for couples or friends.

Walk at the Duck Pond

It’s a beautiful day! Bring a picnic and get some fresh air together. Who said that Valentine’s Day needs to be expensive?



Go to the Movies! 

Get out and see a movie, with or without the kids! The Warner Bow Tie Cinema is right in town. Avatar seems to be a fan favorite….

Enjoy some Sweets

Sweets + Valentine’s Day = LOVE. You cannot go wrong here.


No matter what – this holiday is all about love. Home is where the heart is, and we are happy to contribute to our community’s happiness.

The Gubb Team

The Gubb Team


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