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Ridgewood Restaurant Week 2024

Ridgewood Restaurant Week 2024

Ridgewood Restaurant Week 2024

Ridgewood, New Jersey is the perfect blend between an idyllic residential suburban paradise and a thriving downtown. This downtown area boasts incredible restaurants of every cuisine – and this is the perfect opportunity to check out some of these fabulous spots. 

Ridgewood Restaurant Week offers special menus or discounts – check each participating restaurant to see their specific offerings this year.

2024 Restaurant Week will take place:

Sunday to Thursday January 14-18

Sunday to Thursday January 21-25 

Ridgewood Restaurant Week 2024

Ridgewood Restaurant Week 2024

Participating Restaurants:

Steel Wheel Tavern

51 N. Broad Street, Steel Wheel Tavern Website, 201-882-1800

Park West Tavern & Loft

30 Oak Street Park West Tavern Website, 201-445-5400

Green Fusion

22 Oak Street, Green Fusion Website, 201-670-5702

Roots Steakhouse – Lunch Only

17 Chestnut Street, Roots Steakhouse Website, 201-444-1922

Pearl Restaurant

17 S. Broad Street, Pearl Website, 201-857-5100

Lisa’s Mediterranean

28 Oak Street, Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine Website, 201-251-8686

White Maple Cafe

37 E. Ridgewood Avenue, White Maple Cafe Website, 201-447-1953

Kimchi Smoke

2 Godwin Avenue, Kimchi Smoke Website, 201-447-6653

Latour Restaurant

6 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Latour Website, 201-445-5056

Office Tavern Grill

32 Chestnut Street, The Office Website, 201-652-1070

Felina Restaurant

54 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Felina Website, 551-276-5454

Please call these restaurants to find out about offerings and special dinners during this time.

Ridgewood Downtown

Ridgewood Downtown

For more information, click on the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce website.

Ridgewood Chamber Restaurant Week 2024 

Ridgewood Downtown

Ridgewood Downtown

Ridgewood Downtown

Ridgewood Downtown

Restaurant Week (and the availability of all of our incredible and diverse restaurants downtown) is yet another thing to love about living in Ridgewood. We will certainly be taking advantage of some of the specials at these great spots – hope to see you there!

The Gubb Team

The Gubb Team

To begin your journey in making Ridgewood YOUR hometown, contact The Gubb Team today.

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