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Ridgewood Farmers Market: Explore with Us

Explore the Ridgewood Farmers Market with us – a local tradition for fresh produce, fresh mozzarella, and pickles!

Yesterday, we rekindled one of our favorite summer traditions – walking to the farmers market, located on the west side of the Ridgewood train station, for fresh mozzarella and local fruits and veggies. The honey is also divine, and don’t forget the pickles!

I was in a bit of a hurry because I could see a storm rolling in.

My first stop was to get homemade butter at the Ole Mother Hubbert stand. The man working there insisted that I get some of their best seller – whole milk – so of course I got some of that too.

Next stop and my daughter’s favorite was Bella Mozzarella. Not only does this man sell the best and saltiest mozzarella, but he also hand fills homemade cannolis that are just to die for. It was great to see Mike’s face after a long winter.

We glanced at the baked goods and then pulled ourselves away and tried to focus on what we came here for – vegetables.

The vegetable stand is simply a rainbow of color. This is really Jersey fresh at its best. The choices and the quality are unmatched and everything looks mouthwatering. My grandmother used to make the best summer salads with chicory, so of course I had to grab a bunch. Fair warning though – it has a bit of a bite like arugula but that’s what I love about it.

Next stop, fruit. Of course I had to try a taste after asking permission and I was not disappointed.

On to the snap peas! Even though we had more than enough vegetables, I had to get some. My family just loves to snack on them uncooked.

Then, we got some spicy pickle chips at Pickle-Licious and packed up the rest of our vegetables.

Per usual, our Ridgewood Farmer’s Experience was a success.

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Here are some of our favorite vendors from the Ridgewood Farmer’s Market:

Pickle Licious –

Ole Mother Hubbert Dairy –

Von Thun Farms –

Bella Mozzarella –

The farmers market occurs every Sunday from 8:30am-2pm, until October 29th. See you there!!



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