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Lakshmi Mandayam

Chris Gubb and her team outperformed on all our parameters. When you want to sell your house, you look for several attributes in a real estate agent. For me, the ability to sell our house for top dollar, making the process frictionless, and ensuring that the transaction was stress-free ranked at the top. In addition, since we were attempting to buy another house at the same time, speed and timing were also of the essence. Firstly, Chris is an expert at marketing. She knew exactly when to list our house, where to list it, and how to time the listing, the showings, and the open house, to obtain the greatest number of views online and attendees in-house. This essentially created a bidding war with multiple offers on day one of showings, with an exceptional offer well above asking price accepted in just 5 days. Secondly, Chris has an excellent team that kept the process running smoothly, both during staging and while we were under contract. Chris and her stager Barbara created a plan to stage our house to appeal to buyers. Mark, the staging coordinator, brought in pieces of furniture, accents, and artwork. Chris and her team, which included Mark, Barbara, Lora, and even Chris’ daughters, effortlessly transformed our house in a couple of hours. Trina, the Operations Manager, and Janah, the Client Care Coordinator, were working in the background throughout the sale process to keep moving things along smoothly. Chris and Trina had recommendations for every kind of service we needed during the sale, ranging from attorneys to contractors, all of whom were prompt and efficient. Thirdly, Chris has the ability to make even the most stressful situations calm. We were selling in the midst of Covid-19, so there were several moments during which we weren’t sure of how we should proceed, but Chris steered us in the right direction every time. For example, she put together a plan to have all showings and the open house completed in 4 days, so that the disruption to our lives was minimal. Last, but not least, Chris was always super responsive, coordinated the sale with the purchase of our house, which was also not easy during Covid-19, and ensured a timely and quick sale. To put it simply, anyone who is planning to sell their house in Ridgewood should hire Chris, period.
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